Members of the LLC

Mike Etzel

Michael G. Etzel 

While on vacation in 1986, Michael Etzel came upon an 88-acre pig farm for sale located on Ribbon Ridge in the Northern Willamette Valley, Yamhill County, Oregon. After some deliberation, Michael purchased the farm with his brother-in-law, Robert Parker, Jr. Michael uprooted his young family from Colorado and moved to the farm the following summer. He began his focused pursuit as a vineyard manager by planting only Pinot Noir and slowly transforming the old pig and dairy farm into his jewel. While planting his own vineyard, Michael worked four harvests at Ponzi Winery. In 1990, Michael harvested his first crop and sold the grapes, except enough to make one barrel, to winemakers Ken Wright and Dick Ponzi. With the addition of a third partner, Robert Roy, in 1991, a renovation of one of the barns led to the creation of Beaux Frères Winery. With each new vintage, Michael's efforts further unveil his pursuit to craft a Pinot Noir that is the purest expression of his vineyard.





Robert Parker, Jr.

Robert Parker, Jr. is one of three owners in Beaux Frères vineyard and winery. His interest in the property was spurred by his brother-in-law, Michael Etzel, who discovered the property in 1986. Robert lives in Maryland with his wife Pat, Michael's older sister, their daughter Maia, and various Basset hounds and Bulldogs. For thirty- two years, he has written and published the independent wine journal "The Wine Advocate" and authored twelve best-selling books on wine. Robert is the first wine critic in history, and one of only a handful of foreigners to have received the highest honors from France (Officer in the Legion of Honor from President Jacques Chirac), Italy (Commander in the National Order of Merit from Prime Minister Silvo Berlesconi), and Spain (recipent of the Great Cross of Santa Cruz from King Juan Carlos). Robert never reviews Beaux Frères for his publications, but you will find his imprint in the winery's tasting notes, and more importantly, in the philosophy that governs Beaux Frères and its pursuit of excellence.






   Robert Roy

Robert Roy was approached in 1991 to become a partner in Beaux Frères, and as a result, the original partners were able to realize their dreams to build a winery and create their own Pinot Noir label. Robert's business and financial management expertise is an invaluable addition to Beaux Frères Winery. Roy's success as a commercial developer and Civil Engineer for over 30 years has allowed him to pursue some of his own dreams. Roy has spent his spare time in Boca Raton, Florida enjoying sunny skies and year-round golfing. Not only is Roy an avid golfer, but he is also a passionate wine enthusiast. Embracing his early interests in wine has led Roy to France, where he has developed friendships with a variety of producers and growers for some of the country's most distinguished entrepreneurs. Currently, with the family development firm in the hands of his two sons, Roy has more time to devote to his family, pursue his love of travel, and serve as Beaux Frères's Finance Director, in which his contribution continues to provide the necessary leadership to its financial success.