The human element of our efforts coupled with the whimsy of Mother Nature as our muse make Beaux Frères wines distinct.

—  owners  —


MiCHAEL g. EtzEl

Founding Owner / President

While on vacation in 1986, Michael Etzel came upon an 88-acre pig farm for sale located on Ribbon Ridge in the Northern Willamette Valley, Yamhill County, Oregon. After some deliberation, Michael purchased the farm with his brother-in-law (the French idiom is "beaux frères"), Robert Parker, Jr.

Michael uprooted his young family from Colorado and moved to the farm the following summer. He began his focused pursuit as a vineyard manager by planting only Pinot Noir and slowly transforming the old pig and dairy farm into his jewel. While planting his own vineyard, Michael worked four harvests at Ponzi Winery. In 1990, Michael harvested his first crop and sold the grapes, except enough to make one barrel, to winemakers Ken Wright and Dick Ponzi.

In 1991, a renovation of one of the barns led to the creation of Beaux Frères Winery. With each new vintage, Michael's efforts further unveil his pursuit of Pinot Noir that is the purest expression of the vineyard.


Gilles de Larouzière

Maisons & Domaines Henriot


This year we celebrated the release of our 25th vintage, and our second-generation winery began a new partnership with eighth-generation French family-owned Maisons & Domaines Henriot.

Our new partners' have been inspired by the authenticity, integrity, and character of our vineyard and winery. Michael's role in guiding vineyard, winery, and administrative operations will continue, as will his partial ownership along with his brother-in-law, Robert Parker Jr. Michael's son, Mike D. Etzel, continues as Winemaker. We believe we are in a better position than ever to create world-class wines of truly unique character and complexity.

—  Winemaking  —

  Mike D. Etzel  - Winemaker/Viticulturalist

Mike D. Etzel - Winemaker/Viticulturalist

  Rogelio Rosales  - Winery & Vineyard

Rogelio Rosales - Winery & Vineyard

  Aaron Kendall  - Assistant Winemaker

Aaron Kendall - Assistant Winemaker

  Omar Perea  - Winery & Vineyard

Omar Perea - Winery & Vineyard

—  hospitality & sales  —

  Jillian Bradshaw  - Director of Consumer Sales

Jillian Bradshaw - Director of Consumer Sales

  Ryan Faddis  - Wine Club Manager

Ryan Faddis - Wine Club Manager

  Livia Heuberger  - Winery Guide

Livia Heuberger - Winery Guide


  Candice Robben  - Winery Operations Administrator

Candice Robben - Winery Operations Administrator

  Jessica Stricklen  - Controller

Jessica Stricklen - Controller

  Luis Figueroa  - Shipping & Compliance Coordinator

Luis Figueroa - Shipping & Compliance Coordinator